Financial Policy

  1. Payments of Fees: At the start of every Academic Year each student is required to pay a down payment of 25% as required in the financial information and 100% for the foreign students. Additional rental fee if stays in AUP dormitory. It is presumed that the remaining accounts of returning student are fully settled before they are allowed to enroll. Each student is also required to follow the schedule of payments which is a pre-requisite for the issuance of examination permits and meal allowance if cafeteria boarder.

  2. Discounts on Full Payments: A student who pays the total assessment in full upon registration up to the first day of class will be given 3% discount for dormitory and cafeteria category & 1.5% for non cafeteria & non dormitory category. Discount will be credited only to their student account. The discount is not applicable to foreign students.

  3. Dishonored Checks: Check payments made by the student that are dishonored by the Bank due to reasons such as NO SUFFICIENT FUNDS, ACCOUNT CLOSED OR STOPPED PAYMENT SHALL be charged back to the student together with a penalty equivalent to 5% of the face value of the check of P250.00 whichever is higher.

  4. Family Discount:Full time graduate students are included in the counting within a family for discount purposes but excluded from the granting of the discount. The discount based on the tuition is credited to the latest family member(s) who enroll(s) at AUP. Applicants must submit photo copy of their government authenticated birth certificates. The discount can be claimed within the academic year only. For requests, please email your requirements to

    No. of students enrolled Discount applied to the latest
    student Enrolled at AUP
    2 10%
    3 25%
    4 50%
    5 or more 75% (each of the excess 4)

  5. Policy on Transferees & Droppings All Subjects:

    Before 1st Grading Examination Full Tuition Charge
    Before the 2nd Grading Examination 75% of Tuition
    After the 2nd Grading Examination 50% of tuition50%
    5 or more 75% (each of the excess 4)

    Transferee or Dropped from AUP
    Before the 1st Grading Examination 75% Refund
    Before the 2nd Grading Examination 50% Refund
    After the 2nd Grading Examination No Refund

    NOTE: The general fees will be charged in FULL regardless of time of transfer or dropping.

    Students with Educational Aid. Students with Educational Aid from SDA denomination are required to present a letter of authorization from the employing/sponsoring organization of their parents to pass the charges through the denominational channel.

  6. Additional Non-Regular Charges: Non-regular charges such as music, dental, optical, laundry, books and others are to be paid in cash. They can be charged only when the student has sufficient credit balance in his/her account. AUP is a boarding school so all students are required to stay at the dormitory except for those who are original resident of the nearby barangay. If he/she is granted permission to stay at Faculty Homes, 50% of dormitory charge as excess occupant fee is to be implemented. Privileges to charge at the clinic are forfeited; only the benefits of the medical and dental fee are granted.

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