Guidance Counseling

The guidance and counseling services of Adventist University of the Philippines Academy complements with the educational philosophy and programs of the school and they are geared towards fulfilling the academic, psychological, social, or personal needs of students and other members of the Academy community. The Guidance Counselor coordinates and supervises activities like the Chapel Convocation, Homeroom Activities and Career Guidance Program. 


Counseling is considered as the core of the guidance program. The Guidance Counselor conducts individual or peer counseling sessions to assist students in understanding themselves, in making well-thought decisions and in adjusting effectively with AUP Academy community. Students who commit an infraction go through counseling to better understand their behaviors and to take responsibility over their actions.

Homeroom Guidance Profile

The Guidance Office keeps and records all pertinent information about students in a cumulative folder. It is intended to develop the awareness of individual students and to facilitate the decisions of parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators. 


Students’ opinion or evaluation on school activities including teachers’ instruction and interaction is systematically determined through survey or research. Results are made available in order to provide information needed for development or improvement of guidance services and teaching of teachers. 

Community Outreach and Home Visitations 

In partnership with the church and with the Chaplain’s Office, the Guidance Office renders services or outreach programs that will benefit the surrounding community especially the students and their parents or guardians. A schedule of home visitations is made to better understand the nurturing environment of students. 

Consultation and Referral 

The Guidance Office confers with other professionals to facilitate the assistance needed by students, parents, faculty, and administrators. Issues affecting the well-being especially the mental health of students and other members of AUP community are addressed by the Guidance Office accordingly.   

Gwayne F. Aclon

Adventist University of the Philippines Academy
Guidance Counselor


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