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By Sincerelyn Baja, June 1, 2021 8:30:12 AM


The Adventist University of the Philippines Academy has always welcomed international students into its homely portals for quality Bible-based learning. Students from Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Korea, Angola, Solomon Islands, and other countries provide a rich mix of culture and social orientations. International students are offered Special Classes like Special English and Special Filipino Classes to bridge the language gap between and among students of multicultural backgrounds.

All international students can join the Academy International Students Association (AISA), a student organization for all international students. Filipinos interested in learning about the culture of other countries, and those who grew up or have lived in other countries, are also welcome. The Academy International Students Association (AISA) has a club adviser who manages the holistic co-curricular activities for its members.

The 165-hectare University is an ideal place for students searching for the best natural and conducive learning environment. International students can stay in the dormitories or apartments inside the campus. Students can freely bike or enjoy an early morning jog on the campus. They can develop lasting and meaningful bonds of friendship with each other. They can gather in the Student Park for recreational activities.

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